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WebArchitect – Graphic Designer – Copywriter

Webarchitect. My job is to build websites, test its functioning, coordinating graphics and promote the website online. I am studying Java programming, but I already have a good knowledge of html, css and php. WordPress and Joomla Expert.

Graphic Designer.  I love working with graphics, I have excellent knowledge of Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other graphics programs. Often, I create logos and graphics for my clients on request.

Copywriter. I manage several personal blogs and write original texts based on topics and situations to describe.

Blogger – Journalist – Proofreader

Blogger. I manage several professional blogs for my customers.

Journalist. I write for newspapers and magazines online, like gettalarete.it or ilponte.dk

Proofreader. This is my big secret passion that I cultivate with pleasure at leisure. I love to read and proofread for me is a really interesting work. Read preview a book that will be published later, understand the intentions of the author and do not distort his thinking … is an art.

Italian Teacher

Italian Teacher. I have many experiance like italian teacher, especially I have experience as a teacher of Italian for foreigners. I studied diction for a long time and has taught Italian language, that diction and creative writing.

collaborations and volunteer

Collaboration with Il Ponte (www.ilponte.dk), OnWeb5, Isne S.p.A., RabonWeb and other online agency Skills Informatic, Graphics & Copywriter. Also I am a volunter as it and wp expert at WAF (www.wafaward.org)  in Denmark

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Wolves are brave, chasing the chamois on the steepest slopes of the mountain, where the man threatens to kill himself at every step. Wolves are cunning, date back avalanches in search of animals killed and walk in line in the snow, following in the footsteps of fellow to make less effort. Wolves are free: bow to the laws of the pack, but when there is no room between the brothers embrace the solitary life and are looking for new spaces.

Carlo Grande